Terms of Service Agreement

This agreement will be governed as per laws of the United Arab Emirates

The Service Agreement comprises these terms and conditions and the service document setting out the use of services details which is provided with each vehicle at the point of first contact (referred to in these terms and conditions as the "Service Document"). The Service Agreement is made between I Drive Your Wheels Fleet Management LLC (herein referred to as "the Service Provider ") and the person and/or company signing the Service Document (herein referred to as "the Client") whose particulars are recorded in the Service Document. It is hereby agreed as follows:


1. The Client will let and the Service Provider will take the motor vehicle, details of which are described in the Service Document (herein referred to as "the vehicle"), for the term of Services as described in the Service Document.


2. The vehicle of the Client should have a valid Registration and Insurance.


3. The Client shall pay the Service Provider the sum or sums specified in the Service Document; and authorizes the Service Provider to charge all amounts payable to the Clients account. The Client account means a nominated debit card, credit card, pre-arranged charge account, or payment made online.

4. In addition to the payment specified in clause 3 above, the Client acknowledges that they shall be liable at the end of the Service term to pay to the Service Provider any applicable additional charges payable at the end of the term. These include, but are not limited to:

a) a fee to cover fuel should the Clients car need it.

b) the administration fees as specified in the Service Document; and k) any surcharges in connection with the use of a debit or credit card by the Client.

5. The owner will charge the amounts set out in clauses 3 and 4 above to the hirer's account during or after the term of Service is completed, or the Client may pay such charges as agreed with the Service Provider, such choice to be at the Service Provider’s sole discretion.

6. If the Client fails to pay any money due under or in connection with the Service Document within 14 days of the date by which the Client was required to pay the money, the Service Provider may, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies the owner may have or be entitled to, charge the Client and the Client must pay all additional costs as outlined below:

(a) interest at 10% (compounded daily) on the total amount owing from the expiry of 14 days from the date on which the Client was required to pay the money to the date of payment;

(b) all costs incurred by the Service Provider for the collection of the unpaid money by a debt collection agency or other external or legal agency; and

(c) an administration fee of AED 200.


7. The Service Provider shall not:

a) use or allow the vehicle to be used for the transport of passengers or for any other commercial or personal use except for the service the Client has hired the Service.

b) sublet or hire the vehicle to any other person;

c) allow the vehicle to be used outside his/her authority;

e) operate the vehicle or allow it to be operated in any race, speed test, reliability trial, rally or contest, or operated on any race or rally circuit or in any event as a pace-maker or testing in preparation for any of them; f) operate the vehicle, or allow it to be operated, g) operate the vehicle or allow it to be operated for the transport of more passengers or goods than the maximum specified in the certificate of loading and/or road user charge certificate, whichever is the lesser, for the vehicle;

h) drive or allow the vehicle to be driven by any person if at the time of driving the vehicle the driver does not hold a current full valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle;

i) drive or allow the vehicle to be driven on any roads excluded in clause 22(q) of these terms and conditions, or on any beach, driveway, or surface likely to damage the vehicle;

k) operate the vehicle or allow it to be operated to propel or tow any other vehicle;

l) operate or allow the vehicle to be used in involvement with any illegal activity; or

m) allow any person to smoke in the vehicle.


8. The Client shall ensure that:

a) the vehicle has sufficient fuel for the service provider to carry out the required service

b) pay the service provider its fees is full at the time of return of vehicle

c) ensure that the car has a valid Registration and Insurance

d) the owner shall supply the vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition, up to current Certificate of Fitness standards.


10. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, is damaged, breaks down or requires repair or salvage, regardless of cause, the Service Provider shall notify the Client of the full circumstances by telephone immediately.

11. The Service Provider shall not arrange or undertake any repairs or salvage without the Clients authority (this includes, but is not limited to, purchasing a replacement tyre) except to the extent that repairs or salvage are necessary to prevent further damage to the vehicle or to other property.

12. If the vehicle needs to be towed, jump started or needs refueling while the Service Provider is carrying out its service, the Client will be charged extra for these services at the time of drop off of the Vehicle.

13. If an accident occurs and a Third Party is responsible as per the police report, Service Provider will not be liable to pay for any repairs or damages that have occurred due to the accident.

14. If an accident occurs and the Service Provider is responsible for the cause as per the police report, Service Provider will pay the Clients insurance premium at the time of renewal. The service provider shall also provide the client with replacement car at no cost to the client (maximum 7 days) and, the Service Provider will also pay the police fine, beyond which the Service Provider shall not be liable to pay any fees.


14. The Service Provider shall deliver the vehicle to the agreed location which the Client provided at the time of booking. In case the client charges the return vehicle location at the last minute, the Clint will be liable to pay additional service changes not exceeding AED at the time of return of vehicle.


15. The Service Provider is not liable for: a) any loss of, or damage to, the vehicle and its accessories which occurred at the designated service center. b) Any maintenance related issues c) Any fine to the vehicle that occurs due to the fault of the Client.


16. It is important that the Client has comprehensive insurance policy of their vehicle

Third Party Insurance

23. If the Client elects to use the Services offered by the Service Provider then the Client accepts all liability for all losses, costs and damages set out in clause 15 (a) to (c), and agrees that clause 17 does not apply to such losses, costs and damages.


24. All penalties related to traffic and/or parking offences that occurred while in the hand Service Provider are the responsibility of the Service. The Client undertakes, in the event that the Client receives notice of any traffic or parking offenses incurred by the Service Provider, to send a copy of any such notice to the Service Provider as soon as is practicable and to provide the necessary information to the relevant issuing authority for such notices to be directed to the Service Provider. The Service Provider has the right to challenge, complain about, query or object to the alleged offence to the issuing enforcement authority and has a right to seek a court hearing (within 30 days from the date of issue of the fine


25. The Client can cancel the booking 24 hours prior to the allocated pick up time at no cost the Client, the Client shall be liable to pay the full service charge to the Service Provider for the cancellation made within 24 hours.


The information requested from the Client is to enable the Service Provider to assess the Clients request to use the services of the Service Provider.The Client acknowledges that the Service Provider will collect, hold and use the Clients personal information for purposes related to the Service of the vehicle and the provision of related customer services, including direct marketing and assessing customer satisfaction with products and services provided by the owner. The Client further acknowledges that such personal information may be disclosed to debt collection agencies in the event that the Client defaults in the payment of any monies owing to the Service Provider, or other parties involved in an accident with the vehicle while in the hand of the Service Provider to the Service Provider ; or any organisations responsible for the processing or handling of traffic related infringements; and the hirer hereby authorizes the disclosure of their personal information for such purposes.